Sketchwars Compliation

Some of my recent work from the Sketchwar facebook group.

Week 27 - Tricycle

The tricycle was a fun attempt to make improvements upon my son’s tricycle. I went with canted rear wheels to help with stability and also envisioned a kid being able to stand on the two rear legs while racing around… I probably should have put a strip of grip tape on them to help in this.

The solid plastic wheel with maybe a bit of rubber just seemed like a practical concession.

Week 28 - Hand Tool

The tool type was open ended so went with my take on an electric adjustable wrench set.

I don’t think the open and close buttons are too ergonomic but made due with the time i had.

Week 29 - Lawnmower

I wanted to tackle two goals with the lawnmower.

Make something as visually simple as possible while still being functional. Went with an electric model (with the darker orange ring housing the battery.

The biggest challenge was figuring out a simple way to adjust the blade’s cut height. here you just raise and lower the motor assembly up and down on a sliding lever instead of a more traditional method of lowering and raising wheels.

The bag release system is a nightmare and wouldn’t work well in real life.

Week 31 - Walkie Talkie

Started off with the rounded screen design element and ended with it.

I did add a bit of rubber stripping to help protect it a bit but a bit on the cool end of the spectrum versus the useful end.

Random Vehicles 2/x


A few sketches culminated in this weird experiment. Not happy with the camper topper design but got the important parts down on paper.


Doodling around into some sort of Subaru Outback hot rod mod of some sort…

Random Vehicles

I’ve been binging through different vehicle designs over the past month trying to get better at figuring out their forms and trying to get some design languages down and explored.


Wanted to see how an integrated roof basket could influence the overall design of the vehicle. The bump in the hood is a bit more dramatic that i intended but it also started out with much different proportions.

01 - “Explorer”

13 - “jeep”


Ended up a bit more conventional than i was anticipating but kept it fast and gave it a snorkel so you know it’s serious.


Through many of these sketches i was playing around with the same basic repeating angles for the wheel wells and also for removing large parts of the front and rear panels for better approach angles.

The corrugated panel line on the side was really fun to play around with.


LEGO spaceships and paintovers 2

Grabbed a few other micro LEGO ships from an Imgur user and kept the theme going…

“Keg Barge”

This one immediately invoked the feelings of a large barge type ship. I reduced the scale of the bridge a bit to help it feel more substantial.

This second ship had less obvious purposes so hot off the heels of the barge I decided an escort tug boat would be a great option.

Moab Utah Plein Air 2019

Had the chance to road trip down to my favorite state of Utah and found some time to sketch a bit outside on the iPad Pro. It’s not always easy to find shade but it’s always fun to stretch those muscles.

LEGO spaceships and paintovers

Last year I went through a phase where I would spend free moments during the day recombining an Advent calendar LEGO Snowspeeder and Falcon into new micro scale spaceships and fighters. I took pictures of most of their permutations and decided that giving them paintovers would be a fun way finish and flesh out their form.

I love working within constraints, and I really enjoyed working with these limited amount of LEGO bricks to make these and then paint over them while still respecting their overall form and shape.

The renders took an hour or 3 each. I tried to keep them to a consistent level of detail and polish, but there was some drift, especially when i came back to one after a few weeks or month.

Pursuit Deterrance

I set off looking to make a ground vehicle who’se only job was to fire backwards to defend the rear of convoys.

After a few rounds of thumbnails and iteration - and through no fault of my own - I ended up with something madmaxian and pulled out the tried and true “propeller airplane drivetrain” idea I used for the “Wasteland Scout

Pursuit Deterrence Vehicle RC2.jpg

Old Knight

It's been 200 years since the munition reserves were exhausted but this old weapon of war is still a capable force of nature that can turn the tides of battle.

I set out to make some kind of 'lost technology' mech existing in a fuedal environment. These old relics are piloted by families and passed down between the generations - fighting on behalf of the highest bidder.

Old Knight 1.1.png

Mudrunner and Turret Wagon


YouTube's algorithm started taking me down the custom rock crawler/mudder path so was inspired to do something along those lines.

Turret Wagon

Also have been interested in getting a small camper trailer for awhile now, but a sketch of my dream trailer quickly turned into some kind of mobile tank turret that units could pull behind them and set up to protect flanks. These auto cannons have limited mobility and can set up for months at a time.


Gunship 3.png

A page of thumbnails spiraled into a series of funky looking gunships - culminating in this 5 winged weirdo seen here.

The doodles that started things off

The doodles that started things off

When i stepped back, the compact shape kinda felt a bit more Ikaruga than i intended.

When i stepped back, the compact shape kinda felt a bit more Ikaruga than i intended.

The 5 'wing' design sketch that lead to the one above.

The 5 'wing' design sketch that lead to the one above.

Mono Tanks and Space Suits


Went down a rabbit hole in late 2017 and early 2018 figuring out fun new ways for a 'tank' to move around with a combination of hover skids and an articulated drive wheel that adds stability.

MonoTank v1.png

Started off with a more fun stylized alternate history WW2 feel.


Kept refining the idea and focusing on how it would operate in a transport mode while pushing the design more contemporary.

Finished up sketching a laser platform configured for road travel.

Finished up sketching a laser platform configured for road travel.


I've been interested with this interlocking hard-suit design since reading Anathem and doing research on diving suits. Here was an abandoned sketch of a utility suit in a hanger ready to go weld some stuff!