Rocky Mountain National Park Plein Air

Managed to escape the bustle of the family vacation to RMNP with my iPad Pro. This isn't work i do too often so it's always fun getting into a rhythm and finding good shaded spots to set up on.

Mobile Generator

Not as fun or as charming as the "Hermit Crab" but a little more intentionally designed - and I had to get it out of my system none the less.

Basically, a diesel-electric locomotive retrofitted for all terrain use allowing it to move into a position where it could switch over its generators to power camps, construction sites, etc. This one has been further modified for use in snow.

Vacation Plein Air Attempts

I had the blessing and curse of taking 2 vacations this year. It wasn't easy to ditch the family and have some time alone but every so often I'd drop a flash bang and get out to try my hand digital painting out in the wild courtesy of my iPad Pro and Procreate.

I never did this kind of stuff even back when I drew traditionally so I am pretty far behind the curve.

Drawing on the iPad Pro with Procreate

A few weeks ago I got my hands on an iPad Pro + Pencil and finally had time to work through my first piece on it. 

I immediately gravitated towards Procreate, and after a few sketches and rendering tests to get into the swing of things I dove into this guy. As a digital artist who hasn't kept a traditional sketchbook in quite some time I have a feeling that this hardware and software will be a liberation for me!