September 5th - "Paddlewheel" + "Weapons"

Worked on these thumbs with a "Paddlewheel" + "Weapons" keyword prompt from Concept Art Sessions.

I haven't drawn too many boats before but really enjoyed mixing old forms with new to create a few steam powered gunboats. It's usually really hard for me to let go of keeping accurate perspective while thumbnailing but I feel like a few of these made it through pretty wonky and I didn't feel the need to obsess over them and fix it! Progress!

Scout Recon Vehicle

Finally got this project done and together!

Lots of thanks go to Samuel and Kai for the help establishing some groundwork and tweaks. My goal was realism and if I could do it all over again I might have tried pushing for a more dramatic or fantastic shape or configuration. As it stands I wanted to create something that read as authentic and covered an aspect of near future warfare that I felt needed to be expanded on!

Offutt Air Show - 2014

Got a chance to make this years air show. Mainly came for the statics, left because the blue angels were striking an unholy fear into my son's heart by way of his ears.

As always I focused on gathering reference for my own use in what was probably a very boring trip for my wife.

Recon Armor WIP 4

After some paintovers I've worked on what could possibly be the design I go with. Going to seek another round of feedback, and I'm pretty sure I want to add a remote gun to the top.

Once the design is finalized I'll detail out the drone launchers and do a full detailed breakdown of the features and fun.

Front and rear view with the drone box removed and the sensor mast withdrawn.

Here are a few renders with the sensor mast up at full extension, the dish and optics deployed.

Recon Armor WIP3

Now that the mechanics have been worked out I've been focusing more on the block model which will be used as a base for the final spec sheet.

Currently I will be focusing on innovations that help it stay out of sight and sound while bringing back the best possible intel to HQ.

Current broad details:

-Side armor doubles as main battery store allowing the hybrid motor extended EV movement with very little to no engine noise.

-6 Drone batteries on each side can send up VTOL units as needed.

-Collapsable boom arm can extend for covert surveillance and powerful communications.

Next off: First major round of feedback and critique!

Recon Armor WIP2

Did a few hull revisions before taking it into Sketchup for a quick Block model. Model matched up pretty well and came back in as a foundation for a 3rd round of tweaks. I have the sensor boom's mechanic filled out pretty well so will probably start work on a second more complete model before taking it to final render and staging.

Final update on the 3D Printed mech

Now that spring has finally come i've gotten around assembling and painting the 3D printed mech I documented almost half a year ago. I had a few dremel tools and some crude sanders that helped me clean it up but there were still many areas I couldn't really get to. Fortunately it was looking pretty good as is, and a few coats of modeling spray paint helped bring it together.

AXE for scale...

AXE for scale...

There are lots of imperfections that I can still noodle around with but for now I am content with the progress made. Alas, we have since sold the printer so this is the last thing it ever produced.

Ground Plane final

Im going to give this a day to settle in and do maybe another 5 minutes of minor touch ups but otherwise it is as done as I am going for. Really had fun with cobbling together bits and pieces of junk to make this thing look lived in. If i could change anything It would be where that right vanishing point is. Right now it feels too aggressive to me, but oh well :(

*edit - tweaked background gradient colors

Props and propless planes

My attentions in the short term have been divided from the wasteland vehicle with a desire to try my hand at some off the wall props / environment work.

An hour of exploring a biological alien spaceship...

An hour of exploring a biological alien spaceship...

Still chugging away on this guy though... I really need to think of something better to call it :/