Random Vehicles 2/x


A few sketches culminated in this weird experiment. Not happy with the camper topper design but got the important parts down on paper.


Doodling around into some sort of Subaru Outback hot rod mod of some sort…

Random Vehicles

I’ve been binging through different vehicle designs over the past month trying to get better at figuring out their forms and trying to get some design languages down and explored.


Wanted to see how an integrated roof basket could influence the overall design of the vehicle. The bump in the hood is a bit more dramatic that i intended but it also started out with much different proportions.

01 - “Explorer”

13 - “jeep”


Ended up a bit more conventional than i was anticipating but kept it fast and gave it a snorkel so you know it’s serious.


Through many of these sketches i was playing around with the same basic repeating angles for the wheel wells and also for removing large parts of the front and rear panels for better approach angles.

The corrugated panel line on the side was really fun to play around with.