Sketchwars Compliation

Some of my recent work from the Sketchwar facebook group.

Week 27 - Tricycle

The tricycle was a fun attempt to make improvements upon my son’s tricycle. I went with canted rear wheels to help with stability and also envisioned a kid being able to stand on the two rear legs while racing around… I probably should have put a strip of grip tape on them to help in this.

The solid plastic wheel with maybe a bit of rubber just seemed like a practical concession.

Week 28 - Hand Tool

The tool type was open ended so went with my take on an electric adjustable wrench set.

I don’t think the open and close buttons are too ergonomic but made due with the time i had.

Week 29 - Lawnmower

I wanted to tackle two goals with the lawnmower.

Make something as visually simple as possible while still being functional. Went with an electric model (with the darker orange ring housing the battery.

The biggest challenge was figuring out a simple way to adjust the blade’s cut height. here you just raise and lower the motor assembly up and down on a sliding lever instead of a more traditional method of lowering and raising wheels.

The bag release system is a nightmare and wouldn’t work well in real life.

Week 31 - Walkie Talkie

Started off with the rounded screen design element and ended with it.

I did add a bit of rubber stripping to help protect it a bit but a bit on the cool end of the spectrum versus the useful end.