LEGO spaceships and paintovers 2

Grabbed a few other micro LEGO ships from an Imgur user and kept the theme going…

“Keg Barge”

This one immediately invoked the feelings of a large barge type ship. I reduced the scale of the bridge a bit to help it feel more substantial.

This second ship had less obvious purposes so hot off the heels of the barge I decided an escort tug boat would be a great option.

LEGO spaceships and paintovers

Last year I went through a phase where I would spend free moments during the day recombining an Advent calendar LEGO Snowspeeder and Falcon into new micro scale spaceships and fighters. I took pictures of most of their permutations and decided that giving them paintovers would be a fun way finish and flesh out their form.

I love working within constraints, and I really enjoyed working with these limited amount of LEGO bricks to make these and then paint over them while still respecting their overall form and shape.

The renders took an hour or 3 each. I tried to keep them to a consistent level of detail and polish, but there was some drift, especially when i came back to one after a few weeks or month.