The 3x5 Artist Challenge - Day 4 (c.2006 - 07)

Don't ask about the apparent leopard print party materials on the top. I probably felt that it needed some sort of color... like brown!!!

Starting off we have another "Industrial Design of the Week" entry - and again done in Sketchbook Pro.


This was the design I recently grave robbed and redid a few months ago. This is also a great demonstration of my terrible terrible presentation skills.

This gunship marks another somewhat misguided turn taken - The shift towards using Painter! Sometime before this I stumbled into some Ryan Church tutorials where he demonstrated how to do marvelous stuff in Painter. I followed suit without even a scrap of traditional painting knowledge or need and spent over a year using it. It clearly wasn't all bad, and there are still a thing or two I miss, but once I rounded the corner into Photoshop things got way better for me I feel.



And lastly, here's is where I found my personal "lens flare" - the FX Glow tool in Painter. That thing could polish all sorts of turds!