The 3x5 Artist Challenge - Day 5 (c.2007-2008)

I still like this tank - and include it to this day in some of my portfolios!

My first block model! And using painter?! Anyway, I created this guy with a few cubes and cylinders and felt pretty awesome about myself afterward. Im not sure what prompted me to start walking towards this natural combination - Like I said I worked in 3D and 2D but never put them together. If i had to guess it was probably something I saw on


Fear my falconer's arm shield!

This "warlord" was done for some sort of computer contest and I was feeling pretty secure on victory until I saw just about every other entry! This also marks my last use of Painter! It's all Photoshop from here baby! I still see this as a weird chimera of ok and suck. I'm most happy about the blood ring on the ground :D


This demon dude as alluded to marks my major step forward into Photoshop. This also closes out my 3x5 challenge as the step into the modern age for me. This was the first thing I created on my Cintiq 12wx (A flawed piece of technology but a hundred thousand times better than my Intuos 2!). Beyond this point my art can be found on most of my modern sites.

Thank you very much Kai for getting me to relive some of these old memories and diamonds in the rough! I was unpacking .rar files that hadn't been opened for almost 10 years and realized I had forgotten most of what I had ever created or worked on!