The 3x5 Artist Challenge - Day 3 (c.2005 - 2007)

Moving on to day 3. One thing I hadn't mentioned was that starting around 2004 I also had started working in 3D. I had taught myself how to use Cinema 4D (as it was the only 3D program I could 'find' on the Mac) and while I wasn't yet clever enough to use it for block modeling I did spend a large amount of time and needless polygons on elaborate models of my own work!

The "Troop Transport" also shows a notable turn as I had dropped painting in photoshop and transitioned over to Sketchbook Pro almost exclusively. My favorite part of art was the line work and idea of the piece, and I felt (feel) that Sketchbook Pro did a better job of letting me communicate that. It held my hand and treated me nice at the cost of my rendering. It also is a small window into the forum threads I was participating in. It took me a long time to muster the courage to post there but once I did, the daily sketch groups and industrial designs of the week were foundational for me.

And lastly "Keep" as I called it was my last graphite rendering ever completed and scanned. It in reality one of the last traditional pieced I ever worked halfway seriously on and so with that my day 3 is capped out!

I edited in the sketch done a year prior for context. This was rendered using the Cinema 4D sketch and toon shader which I was really really proud of figuring out!

This was done along with other countless pictures as part of's daily and weekly challenges. Something I owe a HUGE amount of my development to.

I find it odd that my creation of complex fight scenes and medieval armor kinda stopped after this picture was completed as well. I still love it, but rarely practice it.