The 3x5 Artist Challenge - Day 2 (c2004-05)

So after yesterday's start, working on mods with great artists Im going to whiplash back to what I did for fun in my freetime. Graphite with a bit of marker. Here are 2 of my better received drawings followed by the ONLY self portrait I have ever made. During this time I still had a tablet, and there are a handful of sketches, but most of my time was spent with a mechanical pencil and kneaded eraser.

Some of the elements added into this picture would find their way into my DNA for the next 10 years. Deviantart loved it and so did I!

I made this over a year - off and on - for an older acquaintances son. As a gift it was trivial to give as the picture existing on the computer was the only thing I cared about. I was just glad to have an excuse to draw Aliens and Predators!

Crushed shell necklace and the Sony behind the head - headphones. A staple of 2005.