This wasteland vehicle draws power through a prop plane fuselage via a belt run into a drive shaft and transmission mounted below. The .50 caliber M1 on the back has some makeshift armor welded around it and has a slow but powered turret traverse.

This recon vehicle was created to be as realistic as possible for a design 5 years in the future. In many ways it could be considered boring but authenticity and unique game mechanics were the focus for this piece.

Included is a rough overview of the key elements along with orthos. Once concepts were around half baked I started modeling in Sketchup.

Early exploration thumbs - Found a ship I liked and kept pushing it.

From the onset I wanted this ship type to be a harder scifi and a happy byproduct was having lots of fun moving parts!

Here is a brief overview of the hinge on the thruster 'wings' and how the ship can fold up for bay storage.

I was rushed on time but wanted to try out a few configurations and proportion checks before rendering began.

This is a small sample of a mech based mobile game with a strong focus on modularity and readability on a mobile screen.

This character redesign was for an absurdly popular iOS series I worked on. For the upgraded engine we were migrating to new art was needed along with some basic special abilities.

I like robots (maybe TOO much...) but often times the idea of arms and a head just seem unnecessary.

Robot animals! Created for an unreleased movie pitch.

This was created for an EVE online contest a long time ago. It was done in the style of one of the game's 4 races.

This "station layout" was done as previs showing off a gradient between "protected and orderly" down to space slums.

Space ships made for a top down hero management game. These are of the garish human faction.

These characters were created from sprite reference. Each one features 5-20 layers that were animated in engine. Some of the larger ones necessitated a lot of interesting hacks to make them fit the UV sheet.

I textured these props back in late 2012. They are all single channel and were targeting 3rd generation mobile hardware.

Unity Lightmapping and setup / editing:

Here are examples of levels I set up for "Battle Bears Ultimate". I was responsible for the following:

  • Prop setup
  • Colliders
  • Lightmaps and Light Probes
  • Particle effects
  • Setting up spawns
  • Occlusion culling
  • Level animations and incidentals

UI and Marketing:

I can chart and mockup UX prototypes as well as work on assets for UI systems and promotional art and branding.

Thank you for your time. If you require additional examples of specific styles or subjects let me know at

-Michael Kingery