Early April Update

Im working on a team as a principal artist for the  game "Starfighter Inc." which just yesterday went up on Kickstarter. Here is a 3d paintover I did as a base to showcase off weapon and skin variations. I setup the file so that the highlights, shadows and grime can remain untouched while different skins are thrown into their own folders.

These were early thumbs for Starfighter Inc. At the time the designers were asking for "hard scifi" so these takes embraced that limitation.

Current (End of March) Dropship

I've been working on a contract over the past month to revitalize a 1990's book series into games and  film. It's been a rewarding process modernizing this property with the developer's art director and the rights holders. Due to the two layers of feedback, course corrections can often take 2 days and wildly change directions in that time.

The requirements called for a UN style peacekeeping quasi-military shuttle that could fit 8 people in the rear with side ramps that opened down to the ground. The tech level was far future but I got a sense pretty quickly that they still wanted it to breathe air and show modern military senseabilities. So anti gravity was fine for hovering but not propulsion. 

Below I've included some process thumbs to show how much whiplash things went through. The whole process was budgeted for 24 hours and I finished at 18 (With a rough 3D model provided that was close enough to save me needing to block it myself)

Note that this was produced with white and AO details only so that the AD and on site art team could play around with color styles in house.

Thank you for your time checking out my updates. I've also included some quick (3h) 3D paintovers that were needed to expand on props and environmental assets. I'll save you from the very long list of associated notes!

Early March Spaceship

I've been playing around with this ship design a bit since thumbing it out early in the month. This will be a series that I return to a few more times as the shape language really appeals to me.

Scout Recon Vehicle Fanfiction:

The Scout Reconnaissance Vehicle was designed to fill the military's growing need for UAV bandwidth, FOB security and covert fire control. The goal was to create the smallest and lightest armoured vehicle possible while allowing for a extendible 7 meter sensor boom and deployable Tier 0 drones.


While primarily an electric vehicle the SRV does have a small on-board gas turbine engine to provide charging and backup power. The reduced sound footprint offered by the electric motors greatly aids the SRV in avoidance while allowing it to get closer to hostile forces than would typically be expected. The range of the SRV is almost quadrupled with the addition of battery skirting which double as both Electro Reactive Armer and reserve vehicle power. Each panel is isolated from one another allowing energy to be transferred even when all neighbouring panels have been breached.


The SRV's only active defences are the modular CROWS mount (Shown here with a Mk 19 grenade launcher), Smoke grenades and a missile countermeasure laser.


The Sensor mast includes a long range dish, wide band jammer and 2 bi-directional stabilized camera pods. Each pod includes a primary optic along with LiDAR, range finder, target painter and signalling laser.


Each SRV has 2 accessory slots which can store anything from liquid fuel, extra batteries or in the example above drone bays. These Tier 0 drones can run automated loitering patterns and patrol waypoints that create a realtime map of the surrounding terrain. The drones also have a retractable hook that can deploy from their top allowing them to hang from lines or branches for a low power sentry mode (not shown).

Some rough ideas for how this scout armor could function and behave in the field.

Quick iterations based on feedback from peers.

Concerning your requirements:

  • Addressing industrial design problems and turning them into both aesthetic and functional strengths is the design puzzle that I love above all else. I want to invent something that could work every time I begin a new creation.
  • I have a huge stash of  industrial design reference. My screensaver slideshows through these images of vehicles and weapons and I add something to it every day or two.
  • Whenever I see something I don't fully understand I will always do my research and figure out what it is for and how it works.
  • Drafting out orthos and complex machinery is fun. I can block model out pretty much anything in Sketchup or Cinema 4D. I have a healthy understanding of current gen modeling principles which aids me daily as I work directly with the 3D team.
  • I teach students how to use Photoshop. There is very little I don't know about that program.
  • Feedback can make everybody better. I am never an exception.


  • I've played a few thousand games of World of Tanks. I am at tier 8 and have spent a few hundred dollars on it with no regrets!


-Michael Kingery