Concept Art and Illustration:

Additional examples can be found on my art page.

This wasteland vehicle draws power through a prop plane fuselage via a belt run into a drive shaft and transmission mounted below. The .50 caliber M1 on the back has some makeshift armor welded around it and has a slow but powered turret traverse.

Early exploration thumbs - Found a ship I liked and kept pushing it.

From the onset I wanted this ship type to be a harder scifi and a happy byproduct was having lots of fun moving parts!

Here is a brief overview of the hinge on the thruster 'wings' and how the ship can fold up for bay storage.

I was rushed on time but wanted to try out a few configurations and proportion checks before rendering began.

This dropship was the culmination of 4 rounds of back and forth with the studio's AD and the rights holders. The brief was to create a vehicle capable of carrying 8 to and from a planet's surface along with a crew of 2. The words "sleek" and "Industrial" were used in the same sentences a lot so there needed to be some shakeout.

The first round was primarily used to cast a wide net. The side doors were required to fold down into ramps so I wanted to get that out of the way with a bonus sliding door as well.

I was asked to raise the tech level and to incorporate more helicopter aspects. These were a 30 minute counter.

I finally got a breakthrough with number 10 and pushed them into a more conventional aesthetic.

They went with 19 + some minor tweaks that are reflected in the final render above!

Included is a rough overview of the key elements along with orthos. Once concepts were around half baked I started modeling in Sketchup.

This "station layout" was done as previs showing off a gradient between "protected and orderly" down to space slums.

Thank you for your time. If you require additional examples of specific styles or subjects let me know at