Hey Gearbox,

Im pretty in love with your concept artist position and am looking to seek its hand in marriage. In an effort to avoid being creepy (and bolster my chances) I've included a bit about myself followed by my visual accomplishments!

My name is Michael Kingery and over the past 6 years I've been making games with a real deal independent studio as a concept artist, illustrator and more!

Your game design philosophies and eye for creating distinct and storied worlds has been a strong guiding light to me and a common thread I identify with in my art. I really strive to ground my work within the world’s logical consistencies - regardless of if that fiction is deadly serious or batshit insane. I can design you a gun that could actually exist, load bullets and shoot them just as well as I can design a weapon made out of living squirrels and  a small sapling. (I can also work within that gradient of extremes)

I fully embrace that some of the best things I've ever created or helped create were projects that had VERY strict limitations applied to it. Be it mobile games that could only have 20 draw calls and 10 bones on the iPhone 1 to good old fashioned “we have 5 minutes to add this feature - what do?”. Regardless of if I need to create a barrel that incorporates 50 features detailed out in the GDD or if my designs drive emergent gameplay and help feature creep the project forward I will always deliver.

If my words above and my work below ignite even a spark of interest, kindle that fire and pursue those feelings! I’ve left a bit more information about myself at the bottom of this page.


By utilizing both mechanical and biological systems this corridor has a balance of discord - such as the door tearing through the wall membrane, and harmony - in the large neuron cluster operating as a communication line.


This vehicle project's main goal was to create a very authentic feeling vehicle that could exist in 1-5 years. For detailed examples of visual development on this vehicle check out my blog posts that chronical this project from start to finish.


This gunship was designed around large blowers used as propulsion. Visually this allows for a huge amount of unique visual and animation possibilities while still maintaining a predatory stance and silhouette. 


These were head redesign's for DOTA2's "Sand King" hero


On the chance that these are on a useful wavelength here are some monsters I did for a mobile game. There are a LOT more examples of these guys if you are interested.

These were concepts for a top down 3D space game in pre production. I was tasked with exploring and block modeling concepts that focused on readability and manipulation with that camera in mind.

I did a lot of work coming up with a storage chest specifically designed so that the player could see its contents and load it - with zero gravity physics and a top down camera. These were the top 25% that made the cut!

In conclusion, some light reading...

My artistic goals

  • Combine the familiar with the unexpected in new and exciting ways - Including crates and barrels.
  • Serve the design of the game and the needs of the player with the art created.
  • Invent designs that reinforce the world that they exist in. Add character to the game that supports the characters in the game.
  • Improve my craft in every dimension.

My personal goals

  • Invest into a team of my most trusted friends and peers.
  • Provide myself as a fissionable material that can help power a self sustaining reaction of team talent.
  • Support and grow my families at home and the office in every way.
  • To give back and help those around me inside and outside of the studio by creating great entertainment, ideas, and discussions.

Some additional strengths...

  • I am comfortable working on any type of 2D document imaginable. Depending on the need I can work in 1 to 600 (highly organized) layers. Technically I strive first for efficiency.
  • I have done quite a bit of GUI and HUD work and have an intimate understanding of the language and asset needs for much of the pipeline. I also lay out and prototyped UX flow!
  • Every time I am needing to do something repeatedly I will find a way to bind it or automate it. I store my settings, brushes, textures and references on Dropbox just so I can load them up at a moment's notice.
  • I very rarely dismiss something out of hand. If somebody enjoys something I usually can understand why that is even if it isn't for me.


  • Ben Vu  - CEO of SkyVu Entertainment (My previous boss)

  • Max Kaeter - 2D Coworker

    • "Michael, like his favorite art genre, is a machine. He is capable of taking all tasks sent his way and systematically and enthusiastically completing them one after another. He has an uncanny ability to integrate well into teams of all practices to do quality work and get the job done while inspiring others to do their very best."

  • Joe Carney - 3D Coworker

    • "Michael makes every project he's involved with better. Using his seemingly bottomless reservoir of patience and know-how, Michael goes out of his way to consult and critique other artist's work. He spear-heads the menu designs for many projects at Sky Vu, designing and researching the pipeline single handedly. That kind of initiative is an extremely valuable asset in a game development studio"


If you require additional examples of specific styles or subjects let me know at michael.kingery@gmail.com. It was hard not to overload this with images... (assuming I didn't...)


I know your time is unfathomably chaotic and filled.

It means more than I can say that you made it this far. I really appreciate the time given.

XOXOXO -Michael Kingery

P.S. Don't tell my wife!!!