Sketch - "Norse" + "Wagon"

Getting back on the daily sketch horse and will try to get one 30 minute drawing down and out every week day.

This one was hard to start off on because my horse/oxen game is pretty weak - so I knew I didn't want to burn a large part of my 30 minutes on it... 

For the wagon I basically cut a long ship, threw wheels on with a hint of knot work for the spokes and called it a day.

Man that horse sucks hard...

Via Concept Art Sessions - 30 Minutes - Vehicle - Tags: "Norse" "Wagon"

September 5th - "Paddlewheel" + "Weapons"

Worked on these thumbs with a "Paddlewheel" + "Weapons" keyword prompt from Concept Art Sessions.

I haven't drawn too many boats before but really enjoyed mixing old forms with new to create a few steam powered gunboats. It's usually really hard for me to let go of keeping accurate perspective while thumbnailing but I feel like a few of these made it through pretty wonky and I didn't feel the need to obsess over them and fix it! Progress!