Anathem - Mathic EVA Suit - WIP3 + 30 Minute Sketch

More progress on the space suit from Anathem. I've added in the details, simplified some previously magical geometry around the collar and have added lots of hand holds and railings in what I feel are practical places. I strongly feel that In space you can never have too many things to grab onto!

The right version is my first pass at the protective outer garment they put on for protection against micro meteorites (while hidden behind the "cold black mirror"). The book doesn't go into details on how these bulky suits would don these coveralls so I had to assume that the garment was put on in pieces and added bright orange strips marking important locations for context. I also added in a network of small electromagnets on the frame that when turned on would draw metal disks embedded in the kevlar to the hardsuit.

Ultimately the suit itself is bulky so an outer layer over top begins to approach comical but I think it is a very important aspect of the design so it will likely be included on the final sheet.

I am feeling better about the arm and leg joints now and decided to fuse the ankles since the feet are all but useless in the book and context. Unless something else comes up the only other functional aspect im not happy with are the fuel and waste cells currently stored in the FannyPack X5000 but I may just let it go and head into the revised back view and then final renders.

This 30 minute sketch was inspired with the prompts of Cargo and Commuting. Im really interested in semi trailers and their transition to be self driving and battery powered so had fun playing around with very utilitarian shapes and language.

Anathem - Mathic EVA Suit - WIP2

Ok, finally had time to polish up and post the direction I am going in. Still not done and pretty rough around the edges but moving in the right direction. I am having a hell of a time with the rotating hard suit joints - The geometries involved are unlike anything I've had to draft out before so there is some drift between joints and views that I need to hammer out. It would be really fun to see animated but it is not easy to design while keeping it cool.

For the final presentation I will also be including a figure wrapped in the white micrometeorite armor mentioned in the book so I've been adding small electro magnet pads to the suits to anchor those in place.

The various waste and fuel tubes are not really well realized and I may need to just treat them as something that require a teammate to change out due to their placement.


"Trust me, my legs and arms enjoy 2-3 degrees of movement!"

Anathem - Mathic EVA Suit - Thumbs 01

I'm going to start a little side project in between jobs to create the space suit used in the last act of "Anathem" by Neal Stephenson. The book's description essentially paints this as a diving hard suit with the limbs being comprised of rotating bulbus sections that are locked together. The pilot enters via a large back door and the hands fit within large roomy forearms with skeletal manipulators that only pop out when in use.

The biggest challenge for me will be to modernize and enhance what could easily be a pretty stupid look - I don't know if you've seen many diving hard suits but most don't look that cool in my opinion. The other thing that worries me is becoming a slave of function - something I can easily chase after, especially when the source material is 100% sound and solid.

We will see how it goes!