Generic Robot Soldier sketch

Whenever i don't know what to work on, or want to try out something new, i usually lapse into "Generic Soldier from the Future" designs. This is no exception. 

I do really wish paper had more color and brush control, but i suppose there are other more complicated apps out there. 

Done using Paper on my iPad

Photo Apr 13, 8 59 24 AM.jpg

Using "Paper" on the iPad

Since my Cintiq drivers are still broken i've had time to check out stylus drawing on the iPad thanks to the new Paper app and the Adonit Jot Classic!

I am usually a fan of application limitations, but I think Paper could be significantly better with at least a few tweaks. I am looking forward to what they add in the coming weeks and months! 

The Jot stylus is really quite awesome and leaps and bounds more capable than any other squishy tipped stylus i've used. I am anxious to use the bluetooth pressure styluses coming out on the market soon, but for now this will do! 

Photo Apr 09, 2 05 38 PM.jpg