Gamers for Good and the KKG Artbook

I wanted to take a moment and drop a stone of thought into my RSS feed on the very excellent art book I recently had the mixed pleasure of donating a piece to.

A long while back my friend Peet queued me into a project his wife Liz and him were working on. A project to help a great friend of many with his fight both emotionally and financially with cancer. I never knew Kevin but over the following months a bit of who he was was bright enough to bounce off of others and still manage to blind me. A coworker of mine who worked at Blizzard years ago in completely different departments echoed what so many were saying - Kevin and his wife Constance were truly wonderful.

Kevin passed away just a few short months before a book compiling fanart from his top 10 favorite games could be completed and bound but not before having seen a test copy. Currently the book which is raising funds for research and charity is chugging away on indiegogo, and is hopefully (but regretfully) the first of many ways that artists around the world can show their support for people they know and love.