Grave Danger - Train Level WIP June 10 2016

Here are some early shots of all the pieces finally put together in Unity and set in motion along with an 80% final train interior asset set. 

Many of the exterior assets have simple scripts attached to jitter them in place however the wheels were animated in Spine.

Still has a lot of polish to go! Check out to follow along with development.

Characters and character animations were created by Tony Ferguson 

Currently the chairs are too big and nothing is animated, but things are snapping together pretty well. Other than the insane amount of layers to work with contraction and expansion things are pretty straight forward.


Ever since completing the Wasteland vehicle powered by a retrofit propeller airplane I knew I wanted to play around more in the realm of nonconventional propulsion sources. This was a first round sketch turned refined version of a steam locomotive that has broken free from the shackles of tracks.

Hopefully, I'll find the time and drive to do a few more revisions and make a finalized illustration in the next few months. The next one will be some sort of boat-turned-truck, harnessing energy from the propeller shaft (and possibly sail)!

Jumped from some rough bones paintover of a train image into this without much time spent fixing wheel perspective. I was also using Procreate on the iPad pro so no fancy elipse tools im afraid. I think this design is far more appealing than the two other versions below visually, but the engineer inside me really wants a more capable looking turning solution besides the two front wheels being on casters... 

An evolutionary dead end I'm afraid.

This one has some promise to me. I really like the airplane landing gear in the back to help steer the beast. I also hope to create some sort of machine that turns the reciprocating motion of the steam piston into something a transmission can use to power the wheels.

Grave Danger train level animation progress

The wheels worked out better than I had hoped! Due to the construction method of the asset however, I still haven't seen everything moving together so the next step will be to assemble in Unity so I can have an easily* updatable file in motion that I can use for reference. 

I suspect the amount of z sorting will be a holy hell to work through, but it SHOULD all work...

Thrumming with life!

... never synchronized /o\

Activated and ready to kill

Firing but without any particle effects...