(Derelict) Space Fighter

I am wrapping this one up and calling it done! Over the past few weeks I've been exploring this type of ship design - and you can catch up with the thumbs and progress sketches by checking out my previous blog posts.

While I started off drawing an agile space 'fighter' I ended up framing this illustration as a recovery or inspection of a derelict ship adrift in space. Hopefully in the further future I will be able to revisit this branch of design and better demonstrate some of its physical characteristics.


This model carries 12 missiles (one is missing) on its side ready for release and 2 laser cannons. The end of each axis can spin freely around the central trunk and houses a primary thruster in addition to 3 folding and articulated vectoring thrusters. And while we are here making stuff up they can also tear holes in space time for FTL travel... Why not!?

A thanks goes out to the guys who helped me on this, especially Nick who suggested changing the spotlights from being on the astronaut to on the ship behind.