Ever since completing the Wasteland vehicle powered by a retrofit propeller airplane I knew I wanted to play around more in the realm of nonconventional propulsion sources. This was a first round sketch turned refined version of a steam locomotive that has broken free from the shackles of tracks.

Hopefully, I'll find the time and drive to do a few more revisions and make a finalized illustration in the next few months. The next one will be some sort of boat-turned-truck, harnessing energy from the propeller shaft (and possibly sail)!

Jumped from some rough bones paintover of a train image into this without much time spent fixing wheel perspective. I was also using Procreate on the iPad pro so no fancy elipse tools im afraid. I think this design is far more appealing than the two other versions below visually, but the engineer inside me really wants a more capable looking turning solution besides the two front wheels being on casters... 

An evolutionary dead end I'm afraid.

This one has some promise to me. I really like the airplane landing gear in the back to help steer the beast. I also hope to create some sort of machine that turns the reciprocating motion of the steam piston into something a transmission can use to power the wheels.