Small project updates - July

I've been doing a bunch of smaller projects this month including work for a VR game called "Antibody" by 2D Array. This round of designs below is the first solid step taken for the antagonizing nano cancer that the player must fight.

Check out the current WIP version here and here.


I am also finishing up the last 2 ships for the initial shipping version of Scrap Station Sigma which just cleared Greenlight on Steam! This ship was designed as multiple pods that would break off and regrow throughout the lifetime of the ship.

Star Fighter Inc.

With just a few days left before the Kickstarter ends I wanted to post about the really awesome project I've been lucky enough to be on! StarFighter Inc is a game concept that is very close to my heart - It holds realism, attention to detail and mindful action higher than most games out there and really dives deep into a space* that few if any games have gone before. It's been getting great press and as we turn into the final stretch the team is working in overdrive juggling interviews and social interaction in a truly inspiring way! If the idea of a hardcore space sim appeals to you you should check us out!

* denotes use of a pun

Other than that I've been in a bit of a lull for work I can show, but here are a few recent sketches!

A 30 minute sketch for "Shadow + Castle"

Here is a quick thumb of a small ship for an upcoming Oculus VR game. 

These icons are for Scrap Station Sigma and represent upgrades you can plug into your shuttle craft to aid your team in raiding enemy ships.

Scrap Station Sigma - Final Shuttles

Finished up the final flooring tiles used for both of these races and did a bit more noodling on their abstract organic hulls. I'm really having fun creating these 4 unique races and now - with these foundations laid - can press on to the other ships in the set!

While final there still may be tweaks made to the floor color based on outstanding character assets!

Scrap Station Sigma - Alien ship tests

I've been keeping some of this stuff on the back burner but finally got to work a bit more on the design language for the last two races for SSS. These are all still work in progress and the interior art and colors will likely change quite a bit.

The "Ismer'gi" Operate as a swarm of small little bug like creatures. I wanted their ship to feel like a pollen spore or bacteria of just pure organics. The inner floor is not separated enough from the hull yet so will be focusing on that.

The "Phinzor" pilot living ships as well but are more of a bred organism with distinct parts and functions. I went with a mix of flea, tick and burr for this one.

Scrap Station Sigma - Stages 1 through 3

I've been doing more work on Scrap Station Sigma and have just polished up the first major draft of the player's station. Final judgement will be reserved for later builds but currently this is where the player defends themselves from invasion.

Throughout the game players can upgrade their station 2 times to unlock additional crafting tech and perks in the form of "wings" in stage 2 and 3.