I've been trying to keep a fairly steady post schedule up over the past few years, but sometimes life gets in the way. A little over 2 months ago I started an 11 month UX Design contract as well as a few CSS/HTML night classes and am only just now getting out of that tunnel - only to then git hit with Zelda ;_;

The excuses are my own, and I'll be getting back in the saddle soon. Here is the first real piece of art I've done in the past 3 months. a 2-3 hour martian UHAUL!

Crunch test 1, 2, 3...

This June has probably been the fullest month of my life, and while I unfortunately can't show anything I am working on now, one day im sure at least some of it will trickle down into the public. I just wanted to leave this post down as a acknowledgement of my inactivity and a shrine of thanks and admiration to my wife for putting up with these long nights and short mornings.

Mad Max + A few quick sketches

Just got back from Mad Max and felt like it was my job to spread the word to the very few people on my wavelength who are still on the fence. It's been a weird movie that I locked onto eary, got hyped up on and was never let down by. In many ways it is my perfect action movie and propels the industry forward in directions I hope to see the results of in years to come.

In a few days I will be posting work I have been doing for "Starfighter Inc." which is currently on Kickstarter but until then here are some warmup doodles done over the past few days.


Just finished out a long day to a long week but wouldn't have traded it for anything. This year more than others was marked by meeting incredible people and learning more than ever about my art and contracting.

My conference activity sharply contrasts my current work from home lifestyle.  

To those of you who I met I'll be going through your cards over the next week! I have so many bookmarks to add, RSS feeds to subscribe to and LinkedIn connections to make!