Grave Danger - Flying Ranged Enemy

Here is the ranged version of the flying enemy for the Train World. I wanted to add in a tech element that matched the world and give it a more armored feel so it will exist as more of a threat.

15 Frame idle animation - for when he is chilling.

Flying with intent.

Firing loop.

And a bonus 15m sketch. The prompts were for a vehicle with the tags "Loner" + "Prairie".

Star Fighter Inc.

With just a few days left before the Kickstarter ends I wanted to post about the really awesome project I've been lucky enough to be on! StarFighter Inc is a game concept that is very close to my heart - It holds realism, attention to detail and mindful action higher than most games out there and really dives deep into a space* that few if any games have gone before. It's been getting great press and as we turn into the final stretch the team is working in overdrive juggling interviews and social interaction in a truly inspiring way! If the idea of a hardcore space sim appeals to you you should check us out!

* denotes use of a pun

Other than that I've been in a bit of a lull for work I can show, but here are a few recent sketches!

A 30 minute sketch for "Shadow + Castle"

Here is a quick thumb of a small ship for an upcoming Oculus VR game. 

These icons are for Scrap Station Sigma and represent upgrades you can plug into your shuttle craft to aid your team in raiding enemy ships.

Mad Max + A few quick sketches

Just got back from Mad Max and felt like it was my job to spread the word to the very few people on my wavelength who are still on the fence. It's been a weird movie that I locked onto eary, got hyped up on and was never let down by. In many ways it is my perfect action movie and propels the industry forward in directions I hope to see the results of in years to come.

In a few days I will be posting work I have been doing for "Starfighter Inc." which is currently on Kickstarter but until then here are some warmup doodles done over the past few days.

Slow Progress

It has been over a week since I've been able to show anything - Hopefully Ill be able to bring frequency back into the twice a week range. Until then here are a few 30 minute sketches and a new ship for Scrap Station Sigma.

This race is pretty basic but hopefully I will be able to jazz it up a bit before the assets get finalized.

These were done with prompts from Concept Art Sessions

Assorted 30 minute sketches

Here are some of the better received 30 minute sketches from the past week or so. These were all done as part of Concept Art Sessions.

"Rails" + "Armor" 30 minutes with 15 more noodling around.

"Wooden" + "Tower" 30 Minutes

"Engravings" + "Village" 30 minutes with 15 more color correcting and noodling.

"Crack" + "Ladder" 30 Minutes

"Monstrous" + "Destroyer" 30 Minutes

Sketch - "Slimy" + "Wilderness"

Fell a bit behind on my 30 minute daily sketches but made it up with 3 today. This one was with the prompt of "Slimy" and "Wilderness". I wanted to subvert the "too green to be healthy" look that many swamps have with a more wooded feel surrounded by life. If i had more time I would have played that up.