3D Printed Gift + Early Animations in Spine

I've picked up a contract working at JB Gaming - creating concepts and assets for their new title "Grave Danger" (Facebook Page)

It's taken a month to get spooled up to the title's art style and into animating in Spine but I'll be trying to post up more art as my time allows. Otherwise, check out the game's Twitter Account for frequent quality updates!

Below is one of the first animated units I created along with 2 other skulls (not shown). I'd consider these game ready, but 80% done. hopefully, I'll have time to polish them up as I learn more.

I am also creating a train level asset that will use various static sprites and spine animations working together to create external platforming environments. Internal environments will be created in Ferr2.

Second draft proposal for the train level colors and high level details.

Current working document. The top assets are a combination of sprites (folders with image generator names) and Spine animations (Linked smart objects)

The original design featured cog wheels that were supposed to be turned using a chain drive, but after a bit of deliberation, I wasn't sure that the effect could easily be animated in Spine so I am working on switching things over to a push rod system which will probably look way better in the end anyway. The gear was animated with 10 offset layers to achieve the illusion of slight 3D depth. Hopefully, it will all mesh together well!

Also, my friend Max surprised me with this 3D printed metal keychain of my signature block! He makes way more creative and wonderful stuff that you can find over on his facebook page.


Final update on the 3D Printed mech

Now that spring has finally come i've gotten around assembling and painting the 3D printed mech I documented almost half a year ago. I had a few dremel tools and some crude sanders that helped me clean it up but there were still many areas I couldn't really get to. Fortunately it was looking pretty good as is, and a few coats of modeling spray paint helped bring it together.

AXE for scale...

AXE for scale...

There are lots of imperfections that I can still noodle around with but for now I am content with the progress made. Alas, we have since sold the printer so this is the last thing it ever produced.

3D Printing a Mech using the Makerbot Replicator 2X - Part 1

Around April of 2013 we started throwing around a game idea that involved bear-esque super giant death mechs. While the idea was ultimately scrapped for a variety of very good reasons, one mech was already loosely modeled in 3D. Over the next few months in free time around rendering we decided to print out 3 sets of pieces for 7" models. 

Here is a chronicle of the first few trial and error steps we took through our most complicated print yet.

We used the Makerbot Replicator 2X with standard software and stock plastic - but as you can probably tell we didn't have enough time to 100% devote ourselves to trouble shooting issues that came up. Some are obvious user error, but many are just weird 'hauntings' that i have no way of explaining!

Hopefully these issues can help somebody out somewhere!

Upper Torso

Arm Cannon, Hip Block and Head

Rocket Launcher

Upper Torso - Attempt 2

Shoulder, "Forearm", Feet and Shin

Hopefully in the next month or so I will get pictures of construction and painting. I've also seem to have lost images showing the thighs but other than their complex shape and the cleanup that involved we have somehow avoided many of the issues that have plagued us at the start of this project.