Bots Battleground - "Menace" and "Swarm"

The "Menace" is another of the FX laden bots that will probably need to be revisited. Embarrassingly I hadn't had many chances to paint electricity and so after arriving at something passable we decided to move on and circle around once the project clears. I wanted to post it regardless because I like the design and didn't want things to seem like everything was on cruise control on my end.

The "Swarm" was the last bot done for the initial run and took by far the longest at around 9 hours due to its requirements and back and forth. For simplicity and budget sake I turned the component bots into glorified rectangular prisms with little legs and triangle eyes and tried to blend them together into the bot's blob like form. It mostly worked out well and I really love the idea of them heating up to melt down scraps in order to recycle them into the swarm.

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