Bots Battleground - "Berserk"

One of the last designs for the second round of Bots Battleground work. Billed as a falling apart psychopath I incorporated lots of haphazard elements including substantial battle damage and "Jokeresque" face paint.

As the last step of finalization, I went in and activated the long dormant gradient map layers to create each of the 4 team's colored variations. I then created Layer comps in conjunction with the image generator to automatically export out all 4 versions every time any changes were made to the files. Adobe's automation stuff is really kicking ass, and other than a few issues did everything I hoped it would. 

One of my biggest hangups that I knew would be a problem was not having all the files loaded into a master document. I had heavily considered it, but for the scope of the contract I wasn't convinced that the efficiencies would pay off... I also didn't know how the client's computer would react to 100+ smart objects and 700+ layers...

This was a great full spectrum project. It helped me work out more efficient pipelines and introduced me to a great guy and team to work with. Can't wait to get my set! 

For more information about the game, check out the successfully funded KickStarter page!