Anathem - Mathic EVA Suit - Thumbs 01

I'm going to start a little side project in between jobs to create the space suit used in the last act of "Anathem" by Neal Stephenson. The book's description essentially paints this as a diving hard suit with the limbs being comprised of rotating bulbus sections that are locked together. The pilot enters via a large back door and the hands fit within large roomy forearms with skeletal manipulators that only pop out when in use.

The biggest challenge for me will be to modernize and enhance what could easily be a pretty stupid look - I don't know if you've seen many diving hard suits but most don't look that cool in my opinion. The other thing that worries me is becoming a slave of function - something I can easily chase after, especially when the source material is 100% sound and solid.

We will see how it goes!