Pursuit Deterrance

I set off looking to make a ground vehicle who’se only job was to fire backwards to defend the rear of convoys.

After a few rounds of thumbnails and iteration - and through no fault of my own - I ended up with something madmaxian and pulled out the tried and true “propeller airplane drivetrain” idea I used for the “Wasteland Scout

Pursuit Deterrence Vehicle RC2.jpg

Old Knight

It's been 200 years since the munition reserves were exhausted but this old weapon of war is still a capable force of nature that can turn the tides of battle.

I set out to make some kind of 'lost technology' mech existing in a fuedal environment. These old relics are piloted by families and passed down between the generations - fighting on behalf of the highest bidder.

Old Knight 1.1.png

Mudrunner and Turret Wagon


YouTube's algorithm started taking me down the custom rock crawler/mudder path so was inspired to do something along those lines.

Turret Wagon

Also have been interested in getting a small camper trailer for awhile now, but a sketch of my dream trailer quickly turned into some kind of mobile tank turret that units could pull behind them and set up to protect flanks. These auto cannons have limited mobility and can set up for months at a time.


Gunship 3.png

A page of thumbnails spiraled into a series of funky looking gunships - culminating in this 5 winged weirdo seen here.

The doodles that started things off

The doodles that started things off

When i stepped back, the compact shape kinda felt a bit more Ikaruga than i intended.

When i stepped back, the compact shape kinda felt a bit more Ikaruga than i intended.

The 5 'wing' design sketch that lead to the one above.

The 5 'wing' design sketch that lead to the one above.

Mono Tanks and Space Suits


Went down a rabbit hole in late 2017 and early 2018 figuring out fun new ways for a 'tank' to move around with a combination of hover skids and an articulated drive wheel that adds stability.

MonoTank v1.png

Started off with a more fun stylized alternate history WW2 feel.


Kept refining the idea and focusing on how it would operate in a transport mode while pushing the design more contemporary.

Finished up sketching a laser platform configured for road travel.

Finished up sketching a laser platform configured for road travel.


I've been interested with this interlocking hard-suit design since reading Anathem and doing research on diving suits. Here was an abandoned sketch of a utility suit in a hanger ready to go weld some stuff!


Self-Driving Fleet Vehicle Concept

I've been wanting to put a few of my self-driving 'auto' design ideas to paper so starting with this as my test bed. These vehicles will need ways to quickly hot-swap their batteries at service bays throughout the day and communicate clearly with external users. One thing not shown here is them being covered head to toe with banner ads... but maybe next time.

Rocky Mountain National Park Plein Air

Managed to escape the bustle of the family vacation to RMNP with my iPad Pro. This isn't work i do too often so it's always fun getting into a rhythm and finding good shaded spots to set up on.

The Stone Breaker Flagship "Caldera"

The Caldera is the premier stone breaker currently seeing action in the northern territories. 

The Caldera acts as the spearhead for the navy's enforcement detachment. Capable of smashing through into coastal and tidal basins traditionally considered unassailable this breaker can clear a path at speed allowing for a dozen support vessels to follow in its cleared wake.

All cannons are elevated and loaded via mechanical assistance and can fire a variety of projectiles ranging from standard penetrators to explosive rounds that can be lobbed ahead to break up stonepack.

The ship is powered by a captive steam system for primary functions and arrays of sterling engines for auxiliary systems. A large central turbine around the collar of the superstructure also harnesses the strong convection current passed from the hull via heat pipes and acts to force air through the ship at high speeds.

The outer plating is created with an alchemic forging process that creates durable, insulated and most importantly, low reaction steel that molten rock cannot bind to.

This started out as a sketch on the iPad Pro using Procreate. At around the halfway point, the limitations of Procreate for compositing and effects were becoming insurmountable so I transitioned to Photoshop for the remainder which helped the workflow but hurt my time given.

This piece started off in the daytime because I felt like night + lava was a bit overdone on my end. But with the coaxing from some friends, I decided that the more dynamic lighting would be the better decision. All of these changes just added to the time spent waffling around without clear final vision.

  • Be careful turning first-draft sketches into final pieces.
  • The iPad Pro is great, but working on a large piece in 15-minute chunks every few days for over a month is a fast way to lose your vision and perspective on a piece.