Hello! My name is Michael and below are examples of work created for each stage of the UI and UX design pipeline. I have 5 years of studio experience and 3+ years as a contract artist and can work within most project management systems or bring my own solutions if needed.


Menu and Asset Design:

High and Low Fidelity Exploration:

Here are some visual tests that got refined until approved by the stakeholders. 

High Fidelity Prototyping

Here is a mockup I completed for a mobile game. The UI was mostly locked in and it was my job to explore additional UX and UI elements. 


Depending on studio or client needs prototypes can be sketched out on notepads, or in the instance below created in google draw for team collaboration. These low fidelity prototypes are rapidly exported to the next stage; interactive prototyping!

Interactive Prototyping

Creating interactive web-based menu prototypes is a HUGE aspect of my pipeline. I prefer using InVision but anything that lets stakeholders and customers test out a flow  is invaluable. Linked below are two low fidelity prototypes of menus developed for 2 different styles of mobile game.

Icons and crafting items:

These icons were done for Scrap Station Sigma at 64x64.

Rough Animations using NGUI

Here are some animated menu tests for a shelved fantasy RPG. This is all work in progress, and some of the icons were created by other team members. I, however created all button and foundation elements along with their layout and animations in a Unity plugin called "NGUI" in mid-2014.

Splash screens and Logos: